Why choose us?

As a landlord we understand that you may not have the time to effectively manage your property. We have designed our guaranteed rent scheme to ensure that you as a landlord reap the financial benefit of your property without the hassle of the day-to-day management.

As a company our management aim is to create well managed, safe, clean environments for our residents. We take pride in making sure the properties in our care are managed safely and are looked after to consistently high standards.

Our dedicated team have a wealth of experience across all areas of property management.  As a company we strive to ensure that you as a client receive a streamlined hassle-free service which offers you financial peace of mind.

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How we use your property

As a company we understand that the choice of tenant is crucial to maintaining a healthy tenancy for a long period of time. We have a rigorous referencing process which we ask all our potential tenants to take part in prior to them moving in. This is for 2 key reasons.

Firstly, to minimise risk of damage to the property by referencing all tenants with previous landlords.

Secondly, to ensure that tenants have the financial ability to pay rent on time thus avoiding void periods.

As property managers we understand that accidental damage can happen. Therefore, we have a dedicated repair and maintenance team which works 24/7 to keep all properties in good working order. We make sure that when we hand the keys back to you, we return the property in the same if not better condition than when we took it.

The steps to renting your property


Initial Inspection

Our team will start the process by conducting a site inspection with you at the property in question. This inspection alongside research gained from the local area will be used to determine what guaranteed rent we can offer you.

From the inspection we will also determine if any works to the property need to be carried out. Dependant on what these issues are and the property in question, we may take these on as part of our service. If your property is being used as an HMO we can advise on whether all HMO regulations are being followed correctly and assist with relevant changes which need to be made.


The signing of contacts and relevant certification

The most important step of the renting process is making sure that the deal in place is one which you are happy with. Before anything is signed you will have the chance to review the contact and query anything you wish to be changed. We are very flexible and will tailor each deal to the client.

If you are renting an HMO, its imperative that your property follows all relevant regulations to be rented legally. Prior to us taking on your property we will ensure that all these regulations are followed. We can assist with all relevant work which needs to be completed to bring the property to lettable standard.

Finally, we can assist with the gathering of all specific certification this includes but is not limited to:

1. HMO licence (if applicable)
2. Gas safety certificate
3. EICR report
4. FRA (if available)
5. PAT testing


Final Inspection and first month’s rent paid

Once all the relevant documentation has been completed, we will conduct a final inspection of the property. This final inspection is to ensure that the property is in a fit state for the keys to be handed over.

Once we are happy and the keys are handed over, the first month rent will be paid in advance and the letting process will begin.

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