Guaranteed Rent for London HMO Landlords from Bond Docwra

Our HMO property specialists will help you maximise the earning potential of your London HMO property and guarantee your monthly rent.
£1,500 cashback on all new signups, and up to 3 months rent paid in advance!

Pay 0% Fees on 100% Rent

£1,500 Cashback On Signup

Up To 3 Months Rent In Advance

24/7 Maintenance Included

London HMO Guaranteed Rent Service

Bond Docwra Properties

Maximize The Rentable Value Of
Your Property

A large number of people in London are on the hunt for accommodation that is affordable and suits their lifestyle. On the other hand, property owners are always looking for ways to maximise their earning potential. HMO property investments make it easy for property owners to tap into a high-demand market and increase their property returns. Our HMO guaranteed rent service makes it even easier!

• Get £1,500 cashback if you signup.
• No rent arrears and 0% fees to pay.
• We pay up to 3 months rent in advance.
• We have paid out £1mil+ in rent to our landlords this year.


HMO Letting, Simplified

Our HMO guaranteed rent services in London are all-inclusive. We not only find the right tenants for your property but also ensure your property is well-maintained throughout the tenancy.

We also go the extra mile to help you classify your HMO property to ensure you get the highest guaranteed rent possible. As a result, HMO guaranteed rent specialists assess your property and help you decide whether you will benefit from keeping your HMO property investment licensed or unlicensed. As a result, you can rest assured knowing you're making the right move.

Why HMO Property Investments Are The Right Move

The cost of housing in the UK is rising, and so is the demand for privately rented property. However, with this high demand for rented properties comes a spike in rising rents and a low housing supply. Moreover, young professionals and students prefer co-living to lower their living expenses. As a result, the demand for HMO property rentals is on the rise, making it a lucrative market.

An HMO (House of multiple occupation) offers property owners a low-risk opportunity to increase their monthly rental income. However, managing numerous tenants and ensuring that your property is adequately maintained can be challenging. At Bond Docwra, we understand that some property owners prefer not to deal with the tedium that accompanies it. That is why we do all the hard work on your behalf so you can focus solely on what matters.

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Our HMO property investment specialists are ready to help you maximise the earning potential of your rental property with guaranteed rent each month.
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We Inspect Your Property

HMO standards are not only stringent but also vary from council to council. At Bond Docwra, we ensure that your property aligns with all regulations and take all measures to ensure it’s compliant before tenancy, mitigating all possible liabilities for you.

  • Apply for the required HMO licenses.
  • Undertake minor and major repair work to enforce all standards.
  • Keep up with all management required to maintain your HMO licence.

Maintain Your Property

Accidental property damage is almost inevitable and the need for repairs can arise anytime. We oversee all repair and maintenance work around the clock to keep your property in the best condition for tenants.

Our team regularly inspects your property to identify potential repairs and handles them before they happen. We also take care of emergency repairs so you never have to deal directly with the tenants. Therefore, when we hand the keys back to you, your property will be just the way it was at the beginning of our contract, if not better.

Increase Your Property’s Value

At Bond Docwra, we don’t just evaluate your property, settle on a rent amount and sign a contract with you. Instead, we help you get the most income out of your property. Our team will sit down with you and recommend upgrades to your property to help you maximise your rental income and increase its overall value in the long run. As a result, your property can be rented at or above the market rates.

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We Take Care Of The Bills

Our experienced property managers maintain a safe, clean and habitable environment for tenants. In addition, we ensure that all bills are paid on time and at no extra cost to you. We also cover the maintenance and repair costs and any ongoing council costs to be paid where required.

It's Easy To Get Started With Bond Docwra

We take a 360° approach to our guaranteed rent services in London to ensure
you get the highest possible returns from your rental property.


We Inspect Your Property

Leveraging our experience, we inspect your property to determine what we can offer you based on its location, current condition, and other factors. We will also point out issues and recommend things you can do to increase its value and align with regulations for a rental property in your borough.


Contract Signing

We lay the terms of our contract on the table and make modifications to suit your requirements. Once signed, we take care of all paperwork and council requirements to rent out the property legally – from HMO licences to your gas safety certificate, EICR report, FRA and PAT testing, depending on your requirements.

Step 3

Get Paid

We carry out the final inspection of the property and if we’re satisfied, you hand over the keys to us. From there, we will pay the first month’s rent in advance and officially take over your property.

About Us

Our Mission Is Simple,
To Give You Financial Peace Of Mind

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About Bond Docwra Property

Bond Docwra Property is a United Kingdom-based company that offers landlords guaranteed rent by sustainably subletting residential property in London. Our company is the vision of George and William, experienced property managers with years of combined experience in the industry.

Docwra was established to bridge a gap in the market – helping landlords free up their time so they can invest it in what matters without compromising on how much they can earn from their property. Through our services, we take over the daily tedium of managing tenants and rental properties for homeowners while offering them a fixed, guaranteed rent each month.

The Values that Drive Us

We take a 360° approach to our guaranteed rent services in London to ensure you get the highest possible returns from your rental property.


We always lay all our cards on the table to give you complete visibility on how we use and manage your property throughout our contract period. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that your investment is well taken care of.


At Bond Docwra, we keep our heads up with pride when we do things right and admit if we are ever at fault. We take full responsibility in every situation, even if it’s beyond our control and take measures to make things right. Bond Docwra Construction works alongside us to ensure properties are always maintained and looked after to handle any maintenance issues which may arise.


We understand that beneficial business relationships are based on mutual respect. At Bond Docwra, we respect your time and your trust in us when we manage your property. As a result, we work hard to deliver exceptional services – from ensuring timely payments to keeping up with all bills and more.

Our Commitment to You

At Bond Docwra, we win when you win. We commit ourselves to ensure that you always get the most value out of your property. So, when you hand over your keys to us, we treat your property like ours and work hard to keep it the way it was when you gave it to us.

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Our HMO property investment specialists are ready to help you maximise the earning potential of your rental property with guaranteed rent each month.
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