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That depends on the size of your property, its location, the condition and other factors. We will carry out a property valuation before settling on a price to ensure that we can maximise your return.

Our ultimate goal is to always have your property fully occupied. However, you will always receive your guaranteed rent as expected each month until your contract ends. If a tenant misses a payment and our company is having void periods we will still pay you your rent in full. 

In that case, we will take all measures necessary to restore the property to the required standard condition before the next tenant moves in – from painting and deep cleaning to repairs. We also ensure that all utility bills and council taxes are covered during this period. Once completed, the new tenant can move in. 

While our contracts typically last 5 years with the option for renewal, we give you the freedom to modify your contract term to suit your unique needs and goals. 

Our team will find tenants and take care of the viewings. As we sign contracts, we do all the heavy lifting on your behalf and deal directly with the tenants. 

We mainly look at the tenant’s employment details, income details, credit, and residential status. We also check whether a guarantor is required before letting your property to them. Our goal is to understand their situation and ensure their risk score is as low as possible before signing the lease agreement. 

Bond Docwra pays all bills and charges them to the tenant. As a result, you can rest assured knowing they are always paid on time.

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