Our Mission Is Simple, To Give You Financial Peace Of Mind

About Us

Bond Docwra Property is a United Kingdom-based company that offers landlords guaranteed rent by sustainably subletting residential property in West London. Our company is the vision of George and William, experienced property managers with years of combined experience in the industry.

Bond Docwra was established to bridge a gap in the market – helping landlords free up their time so they can invest it in what matters without compromising on how much they can earn from their property. Through our services, we take over the daily tedium of managing tenants and rental properties for homeowners while offering them a fixed, guaranteed rent each month

Our Ethos

Property owners have trusted us to take care of their property and keep it compliant while maintaining favourable living conditions for tenants.

Values that drive us.


We always lay all our cards on the table to give you complete visibility on how we use and manage your property throughout our contract period. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that your investment is well taken care of.


At Bond Docwra, we keep our heads up with pride when we do things right and admit if we are ever at fault. We take full responsibility in every situation, even if it’s beyond our control and take measures to make things right. Bond Docwra Construction works alongside us to ensure properties are always maintained and looked after to handle any maintenance issues which may arise.


We understand that beneficial business relationships are based on mutual respect. At Bond Docwra, we respect your time and your trust in us when we manage your property. As a result, we work hard to deliver exceptional services – from ensuring timely payments to keeping up with all bills and more.

Our Commitment To You

At Bond Docwra, we win when you win. We commit ourselves to ensure that you always get the most value out of your property. So, when you hand over your keys to us, we treat your property like ours and work hard to keep it the way it was when you gave it to us.

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